About Me

My name is Curtis Preedom and I am a very passionate programmer, graphic design artist, and gamer. I put all these passions together to program games and simulations. This website is a place for me to improve my skills aswell as showcase my projects.

My Coding Expirence

I first started coding in fourth grade, using Visual Basic in Excel. I made serveral scorekeepers for card games, and even got halfway through making a digital version of Monopoly, before I took a great interest in making games and switched to programming in Processing. Processing is a simple language that focuses on the digtial art aspect of programming. It was a perfect place for me to start developing games and simulations. Also during this time I got into HTML and CSS becuase my Grandfather had given me this subdomain. I was able to convert some of my Processing sketches to JS and put them up on my website (Like This One). Not to long after, I graduated to Java. After following a tutorial on youtube on how to make a simple Java game I had learned enough to develop the Eastward Expansion I worked on this project for about 3-4 months. In Febuary of 2020 I submited this game to a Colorado TSA competition. It unfortunaty got disqualified becuase it required the judges to download the Java runtime enviroment. After that I decided I would learn JavaScript so any game I made would be able to be played on a browser, no need to download anything. So thats where I am now, developing my JS game The Story of The Stars.